Our Team


The Abracadabra Printing Team - 2017

This is our wonderful team! From left to right it is Kaden Simon, Wayne Spell, Malene Roberson, Joe Roberson, Shelly Balice, John Keeley, and Brendon Henderson-Fuhr!
We all strive to ensure every experience you have with us is Just Like Magic!

Shelly Balice. I have worked at Abracadabra for 10 years. I have been in the printing industry since 1984. I started in bindery and as a delivery driver and progressed up to Itek Compugraphic typesetting then into the computer age of design thru PageMaker, QuarkExpress, Freehand on to the current Adobe Creative Cloud Suite including InDesign and Illustrator. I have implemented and maintained multiple estimating programs and have extensive background in offset printing as well as promotional products. When I get the opportunity to get away from work I enjoy playing with my grandson, watching all local sports (Seahawks, Mariners, Sounders, bring back the Sonics!), reading and swimming

This is John Keeley, He has been in the Graphic Arts Industry for over 39 years being a printer/pressman/job engineer/binder. Off hours I enjoy listening to and making music, and working with wood.

This is Brendon Henderson-Fuhr. I’ve been at Abracadabra Printing 5 years this coming November. At this print shop we all wear many hats which makes it hard to nail a title to any one of our positions. That being said, I’ve always considered my job as production coordinator. I take pride in making your job move through the shop as seamless as possible. I’m an avid reader in my private life so you better believe I do my best to catch every typo I come across. After 23 years in this business I don’t consider quality control to be part of what I get paid to do; it’s a subconscious reaction to all I see. All of us here work hard to make a perfected reality of what you’ve envisioned in your mind. If you don’t care about quality, good luck with Vista Print. Otherwise, call us.

My name is Kaden Simon, I am the Graphic Designer and Print Production Specialist here at Abracadabra Printing. I also manage the social media that we have, check us out on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn! I have been in the printing industry for the last 4 years. Outside of work I enjoy collecting fountain pens, watching documentaries, and creating art as often as I can! The reason I love working for Abracadabra Printing is the work ethic of our team, I truly feel blessed to work with such incredible individuals.